Gourmet Italian Delicatessan

Our gourmet Italian specialty shop features an assortment of both homemade and imported Italian delicacies, including our homemade pasta products. We also boast a menu of homemade gourmet Italian pastries made by Italian chefs. Some of these include strufoli, pizza rustica, pizza dolce, rosettes, cecerotti, and a variety of Italian biscottis. Finish it off with one of our complementary espressos!

We Offer...

bulletCatering Services

bulletItalian Grocery

bulletGift Baskets

bulletImported Delicacies

bulletDaily Specials

bulletHot Lunches

bulletCold Cuts

bulletDeli Sandwiches

bulletItalian Desserts

bulletComplementary Espresso

bulletAntipasto Platters

bullet$5 Combo Sandwiches

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To place an order, contact us at, or call us at (973) 673-3355. To view our Catering Menu, click Here.